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SWEN’. It’s a word with South,West, East & North directions. It’s Direction to Dreams, Dignity & Destiny.It best encapsulates what we intend our students to acquire once they result from our Foundation. Because at our Foundation,our goal is to nurture your dreams and to provide you the skill sets necessary to transform those dreams into reality.

Sharpening your skills to such an extent that they act as your runway to success.On the successful completion of our courses, students are also given assistance in their jobs search & development, business development so that they can fulfill their aspirations.

 SWEN Foundation is an registered institute of India.The main focus of SWEN Foundation is to introduce and create careers for students in various Industries in overall INDIA

Our Vision

To create a Learning Environment, where students of today are transformed to Professionals of tomorrow.We always think education is not business

Our mission is to help individuals succeed and achieve goals in every aspect of their lives be it life skills, work skills, interpersonal skills, professional goals, business goals or language proficiency.
Our clients are from all walks of life such as students, professionals and business owners. We strive to help them achieve individual, professional and organizational goals and objectives.


Every individual is unique and has immense potential. Hence we attempt to bring out the best in every individual. We always work on the base of education is not business.


We have trained and coached more than thousands students for various courses over only last few years in overall India


Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced in varied skills offering customized solutions to individuals and organizations.


SWEN Foundation is centrally located with its proximity to educational institutions, commercial areas and public transport facilities.


There are offices, rooms for conducting classroom sessions and workshops. The rooms are large, airy, have good natural light and cross-ventilation.