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Foundation Course has a poor comprehension of spoken and written English. Vocabulary is very weak. They are unable to construct sentences and converse in English. They make plenty of errors in spellings.
We begin by teaching them how to construct simple short sentences, learn simple words daily and encourage them to read short stories and other light material.
They are thoroughly drilled in grammar so as to teach them English sentence structures.
Teaching of grammar helps then to understand English language structures and reduce errors in sentences. Regular revision of grammar throughout the course helps to strengthen their knowledge of English.

Key Features

•Improve accuracy in Grammar.
•Expand vocabulary.
•Development of reading skills.
•Correct pronunciation.
•Art of Conversation.
•Audio sessions for effective listening.
•Communication in English in day to day situations.
Methods of Training

We adopt interactive and innovative methods of training.
Plenty of practice in words is given to students in the form of roles plays, one to one interaction with teachers and group discussions to increase confidence and vocabulary.
Extra sessions are there for weak students after class, so as to enable them to learn the language quickly.

Classroom sessions are held 1 hour daily, 5 days in a week. The course duration is of 2 months.