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Advance Course is for those who can speak quite well and make very minor mistakes in grammar and usage.They may not have a complete knowledge of English language structures.
They tend to become conscious in social situations while conversing in English. Some may even think that their English speaking skills as an impediment to their career progression.Such learners are desirous to learn to speak English accurately.
A quick revision of grammar rules and knowledge of functional and remedial grammar is an apt solution to their limitations.
With some training and self-help in the form of extensive reading and plenty of speaking practice with friends and colleagues, they can easily overcome their individual shortcomings.
Such individuals may have limited English vocabulary and tend to repeat words. Reading English on a daily basis can improve their active and dormant vocabulary.

Advance Grammar for construction & usage of complex sentences
- Advance vocabulary
- Appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases
- Improve public speaking skills
- Extempore session,group activities & flip overs
- Audio-visual aids

Methods of Training-

We adopt interactive and innovative methods of training.
Plenty of practice in conversation is given to students in the form of roles plays,one to one interaction with teachers and group discussions to increase confidence and fluency.
Extra sessions are there for weak students after class, so as to enable them to learn the language quickly.

Training Sessions-

Classroom sessions are held 1 hour daily, 5 days in a week. The course duration is of 2 months