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This programme is for kids in classes 1st to 9th std. This is first course once in week for English development. Admission is based on an assessment made by the teacher, and not by the class in which the kid is studying. A kid who has a good knowledge of English may be admitted to a level higher than this. Enrolment is based on competence.
Age Group :
1) 7 years to 11 years
2) 12 years to 16 years

Methods of Training

Plenty of practice in words is given to students in the form of roles plays, one to one interaction with teachers and group discussions to increase confidence and vocabulary.
-Grammar for construction & usage of complex sentences
- vocabulary
- Appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases
- Improve skills
- Extempore session, group activities & flip overs
- This is fully grammar and practice base course.

Training Sessions

Classroom sessions are held 2 hour Sunday only, once in a week Course duration is 1 year

There are 4 levels in this course.
Level 1 - 3 months
Level 2 - 3 months
Level 3 - 3 months
Level 4 - 3 months