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The EMS tests are skills-based annual analysis which provide schools with a unique opportunity to measure students achievement across the core curriculum areas of Mathematics, Science and English.The tests identify individual and school-wide strengths as well as those areas which may benefit from a greater allocation of resources.

Students enter EMS through their schools.Schools enter their students in EMS through their respective representative or directly through EMS National.

These tests cater for students of all abilities in both primary and secondary school and measure the performance of students in each area against their peers at school and national levels.EMS tests are currently offered in the nation and at the year levels.

The EMS papers are developed by a highly qualified team and are underpinned by national acknowledged research and methodologies in psychometric measurement and Item Response Theory.

EMS enables the tracking of individual student performance and progress annually from Year 2 to Year 12. With this depth of information, teachers and schools can tailor their teaching and learning programs to best meet the needs of their students. This also enables parents to know with confidence the level of their childs performance in comparison to their peers in their state,territory or country.